Check out this recent interview of me talking with the Pacific Sentinel! Click on the link to read a quick chat about Magic, Art, Politics, and Leonard Cohen.  

Brooklyn has a wizard for hire. His website offers occult consulting. His name is Devin Person and he has gone full wizard. I first became aware of this Person who one newspaper calls the “Weed-smoking Brooklyn wizard” after noticing his work featured over at Tarot Society. He seemed to be coming from a place that was paradoxically quite funny and yet serious about magic at the same time. That really piqued my curiosity…. Read More

“Include the knower in the known.” — a voice heard by Julian Jaynes One of the things that got me kicked off writing about magic was a talk I gave several years ago entitled: Bigfoot, UFO’s and Ghosts. My theory in this lecture, in a nutshell was that most varieties of paranormal experience are probably manifestations of the same basic phenomenon. This phenomena seems to present differently based on the culture and… Read More

This is our final entry in the History of Magic series. If you just got here, you may want to read them in order: Part one, part two, part three. Foolish me, originally I thought I could get this written down in post. And it all started because I was thinking about Chaos magic and the comic book artist Grant Morrison. Perhaps it says something about the way my mind works that… Read More

“That which lives on reason lives against the spirit.”    — Paracelsus   Ok, I feel kinda of irresponsible doing this next step, because I am basically going to skip about 5,000 of human history and development and jump from Ancient Sumeria to the 18th century! (That’s why it is a very brief history.) I am just going to assume that you already know the basics of world history. i.e. you finished… Read More