The Magic Hour: Ayahuasca, Tarot, and Yoga Koshas


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Here is an exciting new episode of The Magic Hour, as featured monthly on 91.1 XRAY FM, Portland, Oregon. Featuring 3 different guests, first I talk to Kathleen about her experiences taking the psychedelic plant medicine Ayahuasca. Next up we talk with Coleman Stevenson about Tarot and the deck she designed. And we debut a new feature, talking with Raj Patra, called Yoga Matters— where Raj tackles the question “what does it mean to be a human being?”

You can download the full episode from the link here:




The Magic Hour: talking to street artist NDA


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Street Artist NDA and Anthony Alvarado

This is a fun episode, I talk to Street Artist NDA about how he paints his giant murals, the dangers of painting on a 2 story ladder, getting  arrested for your art and much more. I also chat with Portland playwright Lauren Emory about her experience writing and directing her first  play.


Portland Playwright Lauren Emory and Anthony Alvarado


You can download the podcast here:

I have to warn you, the sound quality on this episode is really crap! We had some technical difficulties with the microphone . . . there is a lot of background noise. But if you can look past that, it’s a super fun episode.


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The How & Why of Zines


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In this episode I talk to Martha Grover and Joshua James Amberson all about zines. Both Martha and Joshua are seasoned veterans of the Portland zine scene. So listen up young whippersnappers! We talk about how to make& distro zines, why to make zines, and also about the good ol’ days of zines (and Portland) and where things are now in the internet age.


Martha Grover

Martha Grover is the author of the zine Somnambulist. And the memoir The End of My Career, available from Perfect Day publishing.


Joshua James Amberson

Joshua James Amberson is the author of Basic Paper Airplane, The Prince Zine, and he writes for The Portland Mercury.