Anthony Alvarado

Transform your consciousness, transform your world.

Hi, I’m Anthony, I write about creativity, awareness and the wonder of existence. Follow me for creative inspiration and insight into living well. I believe, as William James said, “the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their mind.” My work explores how we can use this truth to shape reality, by blending ancient techniques like meditation and yoga, as well as tools like psychedelics and harnessing contemporary psychological insights. Currently my most active project is my newsletter—check it out here.

I also explore these topics with fascinating guests on my regular radio show Find The Others.

We are the universe experiencing itself. It is an incredible miracle to be here. We are the cosmos as microcosm. The soul is made out of choices. What we choose to focus our awareness on is crucial. We shape the world that we inhabit. This is a deep and powerful truth. I’m all about exploring how we can use these ideas to maximize human joy and fulfillment and well-being. This year I’m designing an online course on these topics— but you can try the course for free (for now) on my Youtube Channel as I create it. (I also explore these ideas, as well as goofy jokes on Twitter.)

Creativity. Awareness. Mental health. Well-being. Self-Discovery. The poetry of being. Even though the art of using your mind to shape life incorporates many techniques that at first may appear unrelated, they actually share a common goal: Eudemonia—the life well lived. The power of the mind to affect life has been explored as magic and as manifestation. These are the ideas I explore in my book DIY Magic

I hope this website and everything it connects to can help fellow seekers in exploring the myriad ways that mind, body, soul and community are interconnected. Follow my newsletter for creative inspiration and insight into living well!