Check out this recent interview of me talking with the Pacific Sentinel! Click on the link to read a quick chat about Magic, Art, Politics, and Leonard Cohen.  

In this episode I talk to Martha Grover and Joshua James Amberson all about zines. Both Martha and Joshua are seasoned veterans of the Portland zine scene. So listen up young whippersnappers! We talk about how to make& distro zines, why to make zines, and also about the good ol’ days of zines (and Portland) and where things are now in the internet age. Martha Grover is the author of the… Read More

I’m teaching a creative writing class at PCC right now. I thought I would share my “homework” here, since a lot of readers of this blog don’t live in Portland where the class is offered. I teach the class Thursday nights, so each Friday I will post up the writing exercises we did in class. If you follow along for the next six weeks in a notebook of your own I believe… Read More

Here is a quick update on how things are going this week: fantastic! DIY Magic is currently a “hot new release” on Amazon. It is a the #1 new release in creativity right now. Which has me celebrating this morning by drinking extra coffee. (What, no champagne, just extra coffee? Yeah, pretty exciting. Hey, I’m getting old.) Yes, it feels good to be “number one”. So that’s cool. Even more fun for… Read More

It’s officially April and just one week away from my book being published on April 7th! I am feeling a weird mixture of elation and nervous aprehension. It feels a lot like the afternoon before you host a party at your house: you have snacks and drinks in the kitchen, party hats and some dance records all lined up to go . . . and you keep glancing at the clock. It’s… Read More