Day 15 & 16 (I usually try to avoid getting on the internet at all on Sundays, which is why I didn’t blog yesterday.) I found myself wondering what the brain chemistry is behind meditation. A quick search on the internet reveals a smattering of different articles, but nothing that clear cut. 1. The most straight forward research suggests that regular meditation raises serotonin levels. Serotonin is necessary to feeling stable and… Read More

“Strange as it may seem, we understand the distribution of matter in the interior of the sun far better than we understand the interior of the earth.” – Richard Feynman The battle royal between Science & Spirit was called years ago, Science was declared the winner, and Spirit declared vanquish. Now the champions of Science predict that we shall march boldly foward, ever further into a glorious Utopian society, in peace, and… Read More

“That which lives on reason lives against the spirit.”    — Paracelsus   Ok, I feel kinda of irresponsible doing this next step, because I am basically going to skip about 5,000 of human history and development and jump from Ancient Sumeria to the 18th century! (That’s why it is a very brief history.) I am just going to assume that you already know the basics of world history. i.e. you finished… Read More