Check out this recent interview of me talking with the Pacific Sentinel! Click on the link to read a quick chat about Magic, Art, Politics, and Leonard Cohen.  

This was a fun episode! Nariko Ott the winner of 2016’s Portland’s funniest person competition, sits down to chat with the Magic Hour about how he has been responding to Trump’s presidency with his comedy.  

In this week’s episode of the Magic Hour we talk with Raj Patra, founder of Hot Yoga for Life. Raj has been studying yoga for a long time both in India and the U.S. In our conversation he clears up some common Western misconceptions about what yoga is and isn’t. And explains exactly what Chakras are and what they have to do with the third eye. All that and more!… Read More

I DJ a radio music mix show for 90.3 FM Freeform, you can check it out here. the cool thing about Freeform: it’s non-corporate, and completely commercial free. And the DJs can play whatever they want! It’s old-school. My show ranges from the fairly obscure folky and freaky tracks, classic stuff (both Micheal Hurley and Van Morrison get a lot of spins) to new releases I’m digging. It’s a bunch of great… Read More

Had a fantastic conversation with Erik Davis and Maja D’aoust on Expanding Mind today! Check it out. I especially like Erik’s introduction here about how DIY MAGIC is as much about “secular magic” & everyday magic, Dadaism, & hippies as it is about the occult. These folks get it! I’m not tech-knowledgable enough to properly embed the podcast apparently . . . ┬áso just click the link here. or here: Asides… Read More