Anthony Alvarado writes about inspiration. Feeling inspired is almost a mystical experience, everybody knows what it is and we definitely recognize when it shows up but it can be difficult to find it when you need it. Anthony Alvarado teaches people the tools and techniques to tap into their creativity and unleash inspiration on-demand. Readers turn to his work when they are looking to find their inspiration. He does this with a unique mix of esoteric wisdom, original insights, practical advice, and humor. His writing is equally at home exploring the mystical and explaining the latest scientific research.His most recent book, DIY Resistance:36 Ways to Fight Back! is an inspiring action plan for modern activism, Seven Stories Press, 2018. His last book DIY Magic: a Strange and Whimsical Guide to Creativity published by Penguin books in 2015 was an Amazon.com creativity bestseller. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and blogs including Arthur Magazine, Boing Boing, Reality Sandwich and many others. He has been interviewed on many shows about his ideas, including a two-hour interview on Coast to Coast a.m. the most popular radio show in the world for its time slot. He has traveled America and the world sharing his ideas.


Anthony Alvarado

Anthony Alvarado

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Contact me: r.anthonyalvarado at gmail.com

Publicity Inquiries: oleg at oleglyubner.com

For book related business please contact my literary agent: Brandi Bowles of The Foundry Literary + Media:

33 West 17th Street, PH
New York, New York 10011
Telephone: 212.929.5064
Facsimile: 212.929.5471


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jill Scotto said:

    Hi Anthony…That was a wonderful debut on Coast the other night. I actually managed to stay awake for the entire show, even on 2 Tylenol PMs. I love your attitude towards life, and how you see the magic in everything. The mystery, and the elusiveness of it. How it cant all be explained…and isn’t supposed to be. I hope that you become a regular on the show, and I wish you great success with your book. I live in the Portland area myself, so hopefully I will be able to make it to any events that you have.. I also just wrote a book about the magic of life, for children.! Thanks again for your magical insights..


    • Thank you Jill for your kind words! I had a great time doing the show, and I hopefully look forward to meeting you at one of the Portland events!

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