DIY Magic

D.I.Y. Magic: A Strange & Whimsical Guide to Creativity is now available!


Available from

Available from Barnes & Noble.

And also on itunes.

(And fine book sellers everywhere.)

D.I.Y. Magic has 36 mind-expanding exercises like:

  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Building your own tarot deck
  • Vision Quests
  • Creating Memory palaces
  • Getting lost in a familiar city
  • & much more


“It represents a really significant change that is going on, the stripping away of a lot of the balderdash and exotica from esoteric and magical practices and the reformulating of them for a more immediate, hands-on, consciousness-hacking kind of approach.”

 Erik Davis, author of TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information.

“Alvarado’s magic is an entirely different thing altogether. It’s along the lines of hacking one’s perception — going on reality trips (mostly) within the confines of the law.” Boing Boing

“Magical practice for the roving tripper, sloppy scrapper, intuitive lifesprout, beligerent believer, permanent vacationer and dirty weirdo.”  Quimby’s

“These are not quarters-from-behind-your-ears tricks your uncle would do–unless your uncle is really, really cool.” L.A. Zine Fest

“Anthony Alvarado has concocted a cookbook for vivid living: poetry that’s lived rather than written.”  Lord Whimsy, author of The Affected Provincial’s Companion

4 Comments on “DIY Magic

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  2. Science is a soul sucking priesthood of boundaries, rules, conventions and dogma’s.
    If a creative scientist does not play by “the book” then he/she is ostracized. Good example is Bruce Lipton (Beyond Belief). Just listened to Anthony on Coast to Coast and here I am! Looking forward to reading your book and getting with it.

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