In this episode I talk to Martha Grover and Joshua James Amberson all about zines. Both Martha and Joshua are seasoned veterans of the Portland zine scene. So listen up young whippersnappers! We talk about how to make& distro zines, why to make zines, and also about the good ol’ days of zines (and Portland) and where things are now in the internet age. Martha Grover is the author of the… Read More

I am about to run my 1,000th mile using Nike runs. Which got me thinking about just how useful running has been for me: Not just for health but for creativity! Here is me grinning my way through a recent morning run on the Mahaulepu trail in Hawaii! OKAY, This might sound weird to you: a blog post about creativity that focuses on running . . .wha? But I think it’s funny… Read More

Solvitur Ambulando: It is solved by walking. What is? Anything! Any problem, question, any thing that you need to ponder and need ideas about, walking is the way to go. When you walk your muse walks with you. Some problems are one or two block walks. Some are larger and may require miles of walking. As Steven Wright said; “Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” Walk. The word… Read More

My last post was a list of some of the habits of genius. Most of them are not that surprising, stuff like “People who think a lot tend to drink a lot of coffee.” And often my posts tend towards the esoteric ( see the 5 part series on magic from last month.) But since it’s a new year I thought I would bust out some really practical tips. It is easy… Read More

I recently read this excellent book by Mason Currey called Daily Habits. I highly recommend it. ¬†While reading it I noticed that across centuries, countries, continents, and fields, certain habits kept popping up over and over. Listed here are the 12 habits I noticed.¬†Every creative person follows a different path to chase their muse, but at the same time some definite patterns emerge in the lives of these artists. (The people in… Read More