Into D.I.Y. Magic? You should dig what the contributing artists are up to! It’s inspiring and humbling to share pages with these guys. A lot of the artists in D.I.Y. Magic have comics out that you probably need to feast your eyes upon! The art in D.I.Y. Magic was curated by Jason Leivian who is also the man at the helm of Floating World Comics. Artists featured in D.I.Y. Magic (in order of… Read More

I recently read this excellent book by Mason Currey called Daily Habits. I highly recommend it.  While reading it I noticed that across centuries, countries, continents, and fields, certain habits kept popping up over and over. Listed here are the 12 habits I noticed. Every creative person follows a different path to chase their muse, but at the same time some definite patterns emerge in the lives of these artists. (The people in… Read More

Highlighting some more artists involved in illustrating DIY Magic. Feast your eyes ladies and gentlemen. http://www.e–