New & upcoming hot shit!

Glory, glory, glory, the sap bursts forth in the buds of March and bliss drips anew from the perennial architecture of our collective soul.


Exciting stuff to share—I’m going to be a guest on Coast to Coast A.M. The super popular radio show that talks about the paranormal, the occult, and other strangeness on April 7th. I’m on at midnight so feel free to call in and say hi. (I’ve been listening to a lot of Coast to Coast A.M. in order to get ready, what a show! I really love the recent episode with Jacque Vallee, and also the episode about how our universe is probably a holographic virtual reality projection . . . that would explain a lot.) April 7th also happens to be the publishing date of D.I.Y. Magic, which means it will be on shelves everywhere, woohoooo! If you just can’t wait until April 7th to get yr. mitts on it you can pre-order the thing right now on 

A few days later, on April 10th I will be kicking off my reading tour at Powell’s here in Portland, Oregon. This should be a good one folks! I will reading and then doing a panel discussion with three of the illustrators from D.I.Y. Magic! Jennifer Parks, Farel Dalrymple, and artist and musician E*Rock. We will be talking about inspiration and collaboration, and doing an audience Q&A afterwards. If you live in Portland please come and help me celebrate the launch of this book!

Let’s see, what else? I’ll also be doing readings in Seattle, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, and New York. As well as a D.I.Y. Magic party at Floating World comics on April 25th. (More details on that later.)

I will also be telling a story at Tad’s Talks on March 16th, at Tad’s Chicken and Dumplins on the Sandy River. (Full disclosure: I used to work at Tad’s as a teenager. I was a lowly busboy. Once as I was clearing plates off a table, some customer, who wasn’t quite done with a bit of gristle laying on the plate actually and literally stabbed me in the hand with their fork!) Tad’s is beautiful and scenic, and the food is that good.


And most exciting for right now—because you can listen to it immediately— I was just interviewed on the podcast PDX Darlings. I talk with host Martha Grover about my upcoming book and also about what the process is like going from being an aspiring writer, to a first time published author. So I especially  recommend this episode to those interested in writing. So download this, and wash those dishes, or walk the dog, or whatever it is you do when you listen to podcasts, and do it up!

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