So the world ends in 17 days . . .

Just imagine that the end of the world on December 21st is a certain fact, as sure as the sun sets. Now what? How do you approach the next two and half weeks?

Ask yourself if you would change everything, drop your normal routines and do everything completely different than the way you are already living your life? Or would you want the next few weeks to be similar to how you are already living?

If the answer is you would make a lot of changes then what is keeping you from living that life right now? The first realization most people have if they think the world is about to end is that they better get started doing all the things they always meant to do, but never found the time for. But what’s keeping you? The truth is — and this goes for everything, if you don’t get started chasing your dreams today . . . you’re probably not going to get started tomorrow. It’s always now or never!

It’s similar to Nietzsche’s thought experiment of eternal reccurrence.


Nietzsche beleived you should imagine that you should imagine: what if I was fated to repeat my entire life, again and again for eternity. Then ask yourself if that idea fills you with dread or joy. If dread then maybe you should change how you live.

It’s easy to take life for granted. But these thought experiments can be a wake up call to the fact that : this is it.

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