Betel Nuts & Prints & Pints

Chomping on some Betel Nut at the DIY Magic release party with my friend Grant. There was definitely a giddy vibe going on from all the Betel chomping, especially by the end of the evening. Good times; books were signed, red spit was spat, and pints were quaffed. Thanks everyone who came out!

It was great to finally meet some of the artists involved in the illustrations. If you buy a copy of DIY Magic in person, from Floating World Comics, for a limited time it comes with a large print of art from the book. There are dozens to choose from and they look exquisite – get one while supplies last.

Here is the one I chose to go on the door to my study. It’s by Conor Stechschulte and goes with the chapter on Randonneur Psychogeography.

Those of you who are reading the book have probably noticed that I tricked Portland poet James Yeary into writing one of the chapters for me. He was at the release party last night, chomping and spitting . . . do I detect a bit of post-Betel nut elation here?

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