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In collaboration with 107.1 FM Portland, I’m hosting the Monday Morning show every week, Monday’s at 8 a.m. Tune in for local and national news, as well as interviews with everyone from the city commissioner and psychedelics gurus to authors like Willy Vlautin, Gary Shteyngart, as well local musicians, film directors, organizers and activists, and updates on what’s going on in Portland.


(The Magic Hour Podcast is on hold for now so I can focus on hosting XRAY in The Morning.)

Intuition: Talking with JF Martel, The Magic Hour, Episode 15

On today’s show I talk with fellow writer, podcaster, and weirdo philospher JF Martel. We talk about intuition, instinct, flow states, and the like. This was a super fun conversation, check it out!


EPISODE 15: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-u2tb6-10bac48

The Magic Hour Episode 14

A conversation with Eric Wargo the author of Time Loops, a book that explores the idea that human consciousness as we experience is the tip of an iceberg embedded in eternity.   In this episode we talk about premonitions, prophetic dreams, the zen of embracing the unchangeable eternal now.


On todays show talking with Bryan Walsh author of new book End Times about ways the world could end and what scientists are doing to understand and prevent The Apocalypse. Evil A.I. giant comets, global warming we cover just about everything except zombies in this episode!

Episode #13 Nosebleed Seats to The Apocalypse

The Magic Hour is back with some brand new episodes, first up is a great chat with Erik Davis author of High Weirdness! In this episode we get into the adventures of Terrence Mckenna as well as Robert Anton Wilson and talk about what we can learn from their psychedelic legacies today. Give it a listen

Episode #12 Talking High Weirdness with author Erik Davis

Previously on The Magic Hour . . . .

I am re-upping my podcast since I have switched to using a new podcast server. Here are the first dozen episodes. We cover a huge variety of great guests for the show. I am making these available for download again and plan to get back into the studio again and record more episodes soon! Watch this spot for new eps!

#11 Magic Rituals & Practice w/ Keats Ross


We explore ideas about magic, the occult, rituals, divination and other occult matters with Keats Ross, musician and magus at large.


#10 NDA Street Artist


Talking with East Coast street artist NDA about his art, murals, and inspiration!

#9 Flotation Tanks with Graham Talley


We talk with Founder of Float On and learn all about the benefits and history of Floating.


#8 Magic Mushrooms


We talk with an anonymous psychedelic mushroom hunter about how and where to find mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest.


# 7 Making Zines with Martha Grover and Joshua Amberson



I talk with Martha Grover and Joshua James Amberson all about zines. Both Martha and Joshua are seasoned veterans of the Portland zine scene. So listen up young whippersnappers! We talk about how to make& distro zines, why to make zines, and also about the good ol’ days of zines (and Portland) and where things are now in the internet age.


# 6 Nariko Ott


We talk with the winner of Portland’s funniest person, Nariko Ott about how to read a room and what inspires his comedy.


#5 Jason Traeger


In this episode we talked with Jason Traeger, Portland comedian about comedy, the 80’s punk scene, mindfulness and much more!


#4 Ayahuasca, Tarot, & Yoga


In this episode we talk with our guest Kathleen about what it’s like to take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony. We also chat with Coleman Stevenson creator of The Dark Exact Tarot, and debut a new feature, Yoga Matters with Raj Patra.


# 3 Peter Micheal Bauer


In this episode we talk to activist and author Peter Micheal Bauer about the concept of Rewilding, hunter-gathering, and the end of the civilization!


# 2 Raj Patra


In this episode we talk with Yogi Raj Patra, founder of Yoga For Life!


#1 Erik Davis


For our first episode we chatted with Erik Davis author of Nomad Codes: Adventures in Modern Esoterica, The Visionary State: A Journey through California’s Spiritual Landscape, the 33 1/3 volume Led Zeppelin IV, and TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information.


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