The Magic Hour Podcast


The Magic Hour is a show about creativity, psychology, art and other weirdness. It’s like a psychedelic Radiolab. Featuring the author Anthony Alvarado and comedian Jason Traeger as hosts. We talk to the most forward thinking and innovative people anywhere about creativity, dreams, magic, psychedelics, philosophy and spirituality. You can download the latest episodes here.

Episode 7, Martha Grover and Joshua James Amberson: Zines, Zines, Zines!

How do you pronounce zine? What’s the difference between zines and a chapbook? What is a distro? Find out in this episode!

Episode 6, Nariko Ott, Portland’s funniest person

Nariko Ott was the winner of the 2016 Portland’s funniest stand-up comic competition. Also in this episode Jason Traeger talks about shooting guns indoors and dog-food eating competitions for kids.

Episode 5, Rewilding and Quests

Anthony talks to two teachers from Portland Underground Grad school about preparing for life after the apocalypse, and creating your own quests.

Episode 4 Magic Mushrooms!

Anthony talks to an expert in the art of foraging for magic mushrooms in the wild. Also we investigate a mysterious noise haunting the people of Forest Grove.

Episode 3

Anthony and Jason discuss Trump’s election and the malleability of reality.

Episode 2

In this episode we talk to Raj Patra about yoga, chakras, and the third eye.

Episode 1

In our first episode we talked to Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis about writing, pot, California and everyday mindfulness.

The Magic Hour airs on XRAY FM every other Thursday at 1 p.m.