Here is an exciting new episode of The Magic Hour, as featured monthly on 91.1 XRAY FM, Portland, Oregon. Featuring 3 different guests, first I talk to Kathleen about her experiences taking the psychedelic plant medicine Ayahuasca. Next up we talk with Coleman Stevenson about Tarot and the deck she designed. And we debut a new feature, talking with Raj Patra, called Yoga Matters— where Raj tackles the question “what does it… Read More

In this week’s episode of the Magic Hour we talk with Raj Patra, founder of Hot Yoga for Life. Raj has been studying yoga for a long time both in India and the U.S. In our conversation he clears up some common Western misconceptions about what yoga is and isn’t. And explains exactly what Chakras are and what they have to do with the third eye. All that and more!… Read More

It wakes you up Ever watch a cat wake up from a nap? They always do a deep back stretch before they pad off to do their cat stuff. Sun Salutations are very similar to the way a cat wakes up from a nap, it’s a way to flex and limber the spine. When you first get up your body has been laying inert in the same position for 8 hours. Sun… Read More

Day 11 This morning meditation went really well. Too well! Let me explain what I mean. First of all why did it go well? I think because I took a little extra time to get set up. I did a few Sun Salutations and other yoga poses to get started, including a nice long head stand which is always great for clearing the morning cobwebs out of the brain. And then I… Read More

Of course I don’t really believe that. But I have been trying to convince myself that I do lately. Just as a thought experiment, or a living-life experiment really. Ask yourself; if you really believed that the end of the world was happening on December 21st, what would you do? Freak out? Go on a crazy bender? Or a shopping spree? Sure that’s a fine approach I guess, if you’re into that… Read More