I’m teaching a creative writing class at PCC right now. I thought I would share my “homework” here, since a lot of readers of this blog don’t live in Portland where the class is offered. I teach the class Thursday nights, so each Friday I will post up the writing exercises we did in class. If you follow along for the next six weeks in a notebook of your own I believe… Read More

The best books I have read on how to be a writer are the memoirs of Haruki Murakami, and Stephen King. Here, jumbled together, are my notes on how to write, gathered from King’s “On Writing” and Murakami’s “What I talk about when I talk about Running”. ┬áThese are not high-falutin’ puffed-up pieces about the noble art of the craft. They are roll up your sleeves, this is actually what you gotta… Read More