It wakes you up Ever watch a cat wake up from a nap? They always do a deep back stretch before they pad off to do their cat stuff. Sun Salutations are very similar to the way a cat wakes up from a nap, it’s a way to flex and limber the spine. When you first get up your body has been laying inert in the same position for 8 hours. Sun… Read More

I got to thinking about the muse after reading Stephen Pressfield’s excellent “The War of Art” book. He talks about every day when he sits down to write he invokes his muse by reciting the opening of Homer’s Odyssy. A passage called, the invocation of the muse, aptly enough. I’ll post that invocation at the bottom of this entry. It’s beautiful, but I wonder if it might have more meaning for a… Read More

It takes a snowflake to start a snowball. It takes a snowball to start an avalanche. I just finished the final draft of my book that will be published by Penguin next April, and I couldn’t be more excited! It got me thinking about how it all started, and how you never know which of your efforts and passions are going to gain momentum and turn into something awesome. A friend of… Read More

I have 3 quotes that I keep up on the walls of my work space. I thought I’d share them because, well they work for me. Taken together they work as a whole ethic for work and creativity. I would recommend anyone do this: of course you can use any quotes. No need to get fancy. It can be as simple as scrawling the quote in sharpie on a sheet of paper…. Read More

Hey, you there! Could I please have your attention for a moment? Yes, you, right there, the reader. No, don’t look over your shoulder I’m not talking to the person behind you. I’m not talking to the person who might have read this message before you, nor the person that might read it after you. I mean you specifically, I have a message for you that is going to come true. I… Read More