Anybody else notice this confluence? There were two articles in this week’s Sunday edition of the NY Times, both are on the topics that are the largest challenges of our time. What is interesting is that these two gigantic challenges are somehow viewed as two separate issues, even though they are caused by the same thing. (Pictured above, Paul Kingsworth, founder of Dark Mountain movement, and a big sissy who thinks it… Read More

By now you have heard about the awful, tragedy in Connecticut. A shooter killed 27, 18 of them children. This is justĀ a few days after someone in my hometown of Portland shot up a mall. It’s sickening. The first reaction most of us have upon hearing of news like this, after the initial emotions of sadness, revulsion, etc. is why? What is the explanation of this? Humans seek to understand tragedy because… Read More

Of course I don’t really believe that. But I have been trying to convince myself that I do lately. Just as a thought experiment, or a living-life experiment really. Ask yourself; if you really believed that the end of the world was happening on December 21st, what would you do? Freak out? Go on a crazy bender? Or a shopping spree? Sure that’s a fine approach I guess, if you’re into that… Read More