Perigee Books My publisher

The Foundry my Literary Agency; and very nice people. the once and future king.

Gunbaby Graphics Collaborated on my book of short stories Throwing Bones.

Floating World Comics  The Platonic ideal of a comicbook store!

DIY Magic The original column from Arthur that inspired the book . . .

Artists featured in D.I.Y. Magic

(in order of appearance)

Jason Leivian – art curator

Lala Albert

Tommi Musturi

Ines Estrada

Frederic Coche

Farel Dalrymple

Christian Defilippo

Jason Mclean & Billy Young

Jennifer Parks

Kevin Hooyman

Amy Kuttab

Aidan Koch

Jason Traeger

Nick D’Auria

Jesse Moynihan

Dunja Jankovic

Maureen Gubia

Ron Rege Jr.

Conor Stechschulte

Edie Fake

Luke Ramsey

Austin English

Ian MacEwan

Panayiotiz Terzis

Julia Gforer

Pete Toms

Malachi Ward

Pippi Zornoza


1 thought on “Links”

  1. Hello Anthony, I really enjoyed your interview on Coast to Coast AM.
    I have been a practitioner of Magick for many years. I studied Wiccan, Paganism, Druidism, Chaos Magick, you name it I studied it. But it wasn’t until I became adept with Astral Travel that I finally found the truth about Magick. Plain and simple in a nut shell it is all about focus will and intent. All the rituals, all the Sigils that are created come down to aiding you, to empower your focus will and intent.
    In the Astral and most other realms I travel to via Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming thought = action. It is instantaneous. But in a physical reality such as ours, our thought creates action. We have body parts to help us work towards our focus will and intended wish.
    After years of Astral Travelling and Lucid Dreaming, I found 3 important things. #1 focus will and intent is the key to life. Whether you call it prayer, ritual it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same.
    #2 is very important and that is to make sure that you use the words “with harm to none and only peace and harmony in the Multiverse” , whenever you do create a strong focused will and intent. Too many times people receive what they wish, but someone or something has to suffer to get it.
    #3 if you live a balanced life, you won’t need to keep creating all these rituals to “right the ship”. Your life will be balanced as it is.
    Astral Projection and all the lessons learned in the other realms taught me to see life in general in a completely different way. Sometimes just closing your eyes for a couple of minutes and visualizing can completely remove any stress you have accumulated. More people need to do this. If you don’t think you have the time, make time. It is that important! 🙂
    Thank You!

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