I am available for workshops and lectures on creativity, inspiration and harnessing magic in everyday life.

Check my availability:, subject: speaking

Upcoming events:

I will be a guest speaker at the Western Canada Paranormal Expo June 13th & 14th.


This short segment I did on the Carl in the Morning show is a great one to check out if you have just 10 minutes.

This interview on Canadian radio was a lot of fun, it’s the Spaced Out radio show with Dave Scott, check it out!

My interview on Coast to Coast a.m. with George Noory.


Portland: Reading and book signing at Powell’s Books, April 10th. With special guests Farel Dalrymple and Jennifer Parks!

Seattle, WA: Elliot Bay Books, April 18th

Portland: D.I.Y. Magic workshop at Floating World Comics, April 25th

Napa, California, Napa Bookmine, April 29th

San Francisco, California: Needles & Pens, May 1st

New York: Reading at Spoonbill & Sugartown. May 7th

Corvalis: Grass Roots Books. June 7th



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