Wizard Talks & Magic Class

Just a couple of quick announcements to share today: first of all if you enjoyed the recent interview I posted with the Weed Wizard of Brooklyn, you should check out his lecture on the Wizard archetype, it’s available here for $4.20 and it’s legal in most states!




If you live in Portland and are curious about taking a deep dive into exploring ideas about magic and creativity I hope you will join me for the class on DIY Magic I am teaching this July for Portland Underground Grad school. I am really excited for this class! We are going to explore the ideas from my book DIY Magic in a hands-on workshop setting (including divination, lucid dreaming, memento mori, breathwork, and a lot more) and find out for ourselves what works. Join me, Wednesdays in July to explore techniques for finding inspiration, direction and creativity, as we try out everything from Surrealism to Shamanism.


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