New Spring Projects

It’s spring finally! Spring is a great time for new projects, new beginnings, and new ideas! I’ve been getting back into Tarot lately—the traditional version, even though in my book DIY Magic I describe how you can make your own tarot cards. The card to meditate on for Spring is definitely The Sun card from the major Arcana.



In a word, this card is all about vitality and fresh energy. Spring is a great time to start any new projects or ideas that you have been thinking about.

With that in mind here are a couple things I’m getting started with:

I’m recording a radio show/podcast which should be available soon. This project is called The Magic Hour, so far I have booked some great guests and I’m looking forward to sharing the episodes! Stay tuned for more on that! Episodes will air on XRAY FM .

I’m developing some online classes that will be available later this Spring. Very excited about these—stay tuned!

& I am working on a Zine with the artist NDA about magic mushrooms! Also available soon.In the meantime, hey if you are new to the blog and still have yet to get your copy of DIY Magic order yours today!




One Comment on “New Spring Projects

  1. Bravo, Anthony!

    Best of luck with it all. If you can spare a copy once it’s out, I would love to have a copy of your magic mushroom zine for review in Fiddler’s Green.

    Happy Springtime, Clint

    * * * * *

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