Monthly Archives: November 2015

A handful of Autumnal leaves scattered (boring brown, pumpkin orange, rust aflame) on the meditation table this morning. A distraction from the usual meditation thoughts: sleepy worries, hungry ghosts.   Oh, but I want to see the world itself! The flash of a trout tail on the surface Call of geese towards an unbroken world This heart once wise as the stars

Perhaps by now you have heard of the idea of “growth mindset”. It is the idea that your attitude towards facing challenges makes a huge difference in whether you will overcome the challenge or give up. I first started hearing about this a few years back in the context of education. The idea is simple: some children are taught that what matters is effort. In other words it doesn’t matter what grade… Read More

Every word comes from the heart. How beautiful it is, after all, to have a quaking, sensitive, choosy heart. That is the best thing about a person. A person who does not know how to preserve his heart is unwise, because he is robbing himself of an endless source of sweet inexhaustible strength, a wealth that, if he wants to remain human , he will never be able to do without.