Monthly Archives: June 2015

An interview with the street artist NDA, who contributed to DIY Magic and also happens to be a really good friend. His work is bold and pops up everywhere, (just last week it was even featured on Chris Rock’s instagram feed). Keep an eye on this guy! You are known for your large outdoor murals—what are some different considerations when working on such a big scale? I think the main considerations are texture… Read More

I had a great conversation with Alexis Brooks host of the show Conscious Inquiry. Alexis is a warm, inquisitive, and charming host and I felt like we really connected and got down to brass tacks in our conversation. Definitely one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done. I’m looking forward to also checking out her book Conscious Musings. We are both writers who believe that you have the power to change reality for… Read More

This month I’m featuring artists who contributed illustrations to DIY Magic. Here is my interview with Jason McLean. While I was in New York I got a chance to meet Jason McLean, a fantastic painter and a really great guy. He invited me to see his collection of autographed Pez. So I got to check out his studio in Brooklyn and hang out. So, some of these pictures I just took on… Read More

This month I am featuring the work of artists who contributed illustrations to DIY Magic. Here is my interview with Ian MacEwan! Can you give us a quick rundown of some of the different work you’ve done?  I draw comics mostly, which so far has been a mixture of self-published and contract work. I’ve also done some illustration, primarily box art for a dvd/blu-ray company called Arrow, where I’ve done package art… Read More

For the month of June I plan to feature different artists who contributed illustrations to DIY Magic. The artwork adds so much to the book and I know that fans of DIY Magic will enjoy seeing what else these artists are up to— so click on some links and find out about some amazing art, books, comics, and blogs! For starters let’s begin with the work the fellow who designed the cover… Read More