You have the power & you don’t need “experts”

Hey guys!

DIY Magic has been out for a week now and it has been a lot of fun watching people react to it. To be honest a part of me wondered if DIY Magic would leave people baffled and mystified—”a real book about magic, what does that mean?” But to my delight people seem to be really connecting with the book and are super excited to read it.

The response from Coast to Coast a.m. listeners has been huge: DIY Magic debuted on the creativity best sellers list and has hung out there all week. Friends who are fans of C2C have been coming up to me all week and telling me what they thought of the show. One friend told me “What I liked about your interview on Coast is that you really empowered people. So many guests get on and just want to talk down to people because they are the “experts””.

I told him that is exactly what I was trying to communicate! This is stuff you can try for yourself, we don’t need to let the “experts” have all the fun. In preparation for my talk I had taped a giant note to my kitchen wall by the phone, it read:


That is what it’s all about—the experience that the reader is going to have when they try these different techniques out.


The best part about having a book out though has definitely been getting to connect with readers in real life! After working on these strange and whimsical ideas pretty much just sitting alone at my desk of a cafe month after month, it feels amazing to get the work out into the world. There was a fantastic turn out for my reading at Powell’s City of Books and I feel like this book is going to make a positive impact in people’s lives, it seems to have connected with folks and is finding its way into the hands of readers who “get it”.

I’ll be doing some more radio appearances soon, and eventually I’ll get some of those linked up here so if you missed them you can check em’ out. In the meantime consider signing up for my monthly newsletter. And if you live in the Seattle area come say hi at Elliot Bay Books this Saturday!

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