Get your copy of D.I.Y. Magic!

Woohoo! DIY Magic is finally here!

Learn how to do real magic. Magic that is fun and powerful. This is the real deal! Have you always suspected that there was more to the world, to yourself, and to the possibilities of life? That magic might be a real, actual thing? Learn how to unlock the power of the imagination and your own wild & limitless creativity with these hands-on activities!

Change your perception, change reality.

36 easy to try spells like:

  • Dropping the Spoon
  • Memento Mori
  • Getting Lost in a Familiar place
  • Building your own Tarot
  • the Invisibility Technique

Explore these hands-on, mind-expanding spells. DIY Magic is a recipe book of things you can actually do. This book gives you the keys to open doors— to powerful magic that is available to each of us on a daily basis.


Available NOW!

Here is what people have said after reading it:

“Your philosophy resonates with the way I have always felt about the world in a way I have never experienced before. I feel like I have been looking for this book for a long time” —A letter from a reader

“Alvarado’s magic is an entirely different thing altogether. It’s along the lines of hacking one’s perception — going on reality trips (mostly) within the confines of the law.” —

“It represents a really significant change that is going on, the stripping away of a lot of the balderdash and exotica from esoteric and magical practices and the reformulating of them for a more immediate, hands-on, consciousness-hacking kind of approach.”

— Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis

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