Real Weirdo, starring Philip K. Dick

Here is a short comic I wrote awhile back. It’s based on a weird experience Philip K. Dick, (a minor obsession of mine) talked about in various interviews. The art is by Ryan Thompson. Originally this was written for Arthur, but Arthur closed shop before the art was finished. I never did find a good home for this piece, so here it is now.

8 Comments on “Real Weirdo, starring Philip K. Dick

  1. Anthony (and Ryan), this is wonderful. I’m a long-time Dick fan, and I’ve always been moved by his account of his cat’s death. Those super-visionary later years of Dick’s life are absolutely fascinating. You capture their essence well, with a flair and humor of your own. Many thanks.

    • The events of “the wizard’s” final years that began with the girl wearing the fish necklace,were I think very sad and led to his untimely death.They also produced a trilogy of “difficult” novels that lacked the steam and spontaneity of the earlier ones that ended with “A Scanner Darkly”.

      If they meant he was insane,then nobody knew it better than Dick himself.In “Valis”,it’s Fat,Phil’s crazy alter ego rather than him who sees God,not the “logical” man “himself”.

      A return to sanity can be seen in the angst driven if excellent “The Transmigration of Timothy Archer”,a more balanced novel than “Valis” and “The Divine Invasion” I think.

      A feeling of gloom still pervades me though about it all.Liked the comic,with a well illustrated and light style.

      • I think that’s a really astute observation about PKD, part of what makes him so compelling is that he both embraces his “crazy” and is able to analyze it skeptically at the same time. In a weird way there is balance to that, that we don’t find in many other American writers and thinkers.

  2. Thank you,I’m really very pleased with that.I can’t yet change my mood about those “declining” years though and the books that came out of it.

    His interest in religious experience didn’t start with those books though,you only have to see the ones he wrote between “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch” and “A Maze of Death” to know that.It didn’t take over his life though,and they were written in a sanguine,light-hearted spirit,even though the latter one is rather morbid.

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