Into D.I.Y. Magic? You should dig what the contributing artists are up to! It’s inspiring and humbling to share pages with these guys. A lot of the artists in D.I.Y. Magic have comics out that you probably need to feast your eyes upon! The art in D.I.Y. Magic was curated by Jason Leivian who is also the man at the helm of Floating World Comics.

Artists featured in D.I.Y. Magic

(in order of appearance)

Lala Albert

Tommi Musturi

Ines Estrada

Frederic Coche

Farel Dalrymple (I highly recommend reading & re-reading his inter-dimensional masterpiece: The Wrenchies BTW)

Christian Defilippo

Jason Mclean & Billy Young

Jennifer Parks

Kevin Hooyman (this website is a lot of fun to get lost in)

Amy Kuttab

Aidan Koch

Jason Traeger

Nick D’Auria

Jesse Moynihan

Dunja Jankovic

Maureen Gubia (melt your eye-brain!)

Ron Rege Jr.

Conor Stechschulte

Edie Fake

Luke Ramsey

Austin English

Ian MacEwan

Panayiotiz Terzis

Julia Gforer (I’d recommend you check out Julia’s Black is the Color, but it’s sold out right now. $75 on Amazon ack!)

Pete Toms

Malachi Ward

Pippi Zornoza