Hey this stuff really works! Meditation day 12

Meditation day 12

So I started the day with my usual meditation. Sure I was tempted to skip it. I had a particularly busy day going on. Do I really have the time to just sit down and do nothing for ten minutes? But I sat down, I did some Oms, paid attention to my breath, let go of thoughts, and tried to just be chill.

Then I had a very big deal interview with radio producer and I knew I had to do great at it. Of course the problem with doing well at anything that feels high pressure is that you can tense up, you get nervous, and then you are more likely to flub up stuff and not say the right thing. We tend to be our own worst enemy with the things that are most important to us!

This is where being present in the moment, and being able to just let go of your thoughts and relax is so key. And that is exactly a part of what you are practicing when you practice meditation. Right before the interview I brought myself back to my meditation practice, just for a few moments. I relaxed my breathing, I let go of my thoughts and was just present. I even chanted a couple of Om’s under my breath. And it helped a lot. I’m not saying I wasn’t still a little bit nervous. But I felt a lot more grounded, I basically felt a lot more myself. Because that is what the practice does for you, it gets you in touch with your self, not your worries, not your hopes, desires etc. Just the you that’s always there underneath all that other stuff.

And you know what? The talk with the producer went great! I landed a spot on a show that I am very excited about (more on that soon) and I think a big part of what made that happen was being able to let go and relax when I needed to.

As Bill Murray said:

“The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything. The better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself.”


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