Legs up the wall pose – meditation day 10

It’s the tenth day of meditation in a row, and it almost didn’t happen. I just wasn’t in to it, first I was too busy with stuff all morning, and then by the time I slowed down I felt too lazy. How could I bring myself to meditate, it felt like the last thing I wanted to do!

So I brought out the secret weapon. Legs up the wall pose. I meditated just like normal, but I rested my back on the floor and my legs up the wall. It’s very relaxing on the spine, and takes less effort than sitting cross-legged. Plus it floods the heart and head with a rush of blood that has a very calming, almost euphoric effect. I ended up really getting into a session of meditation that I had been putting off all day.

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I think it’s best to stick the the regular old sitting meditation 90% of the time. But every once in awhile it feels good to mix things up and try something different. Thats when poses like legs up the wall, mudras, or chanting, or walking meditation and so on can be really useful. It let’s you do the same thing in a different way.

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