Meditation day 7, my meditation space

I realized trying to do all of these in one post was making that post too long. I’m going to post these daily on their own now. So here we are at day seven. One week into it I thought I would share something practical: how my meditation space is set up. Here is a picture.


It’s a simple set up. Of course really you don’t need anything to start meditation! But it is nice to have a dedicated space for it, it helps you slip into the right frame of mind when you sit down.

So this is just a corner of my living room. A blanket and a small pillow to sit on. That’s a small Ikea table with a cloth over it. There are some candles on the table, because in the evening I have been trying out Trataka, a form of meditation where you focus on a candle while meditating. Usually I don’t use them and just close my eyes or look at the blank wall. I also have a Tibetan singing bowl.


It’s basically a simple bell. The idea is you strike it and it has a nice resonant tone that helps focus the attention at the start of a meditation session. Pretty basic really, and that’s the idea.

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