Monthly Archives: February 2015

What does it feel like to get published? I don’t really know. I mean I have been published by small press places before, but I haven’t had a book published by a big boy publishing house. What does it feel like? I’m ’bout to find out in just a month, when D.I.Y. Magic launches on April 7th. What’s weird is I still, in my mind, self identify as an “aspiring-writer”. I guess… Read More

Into D.I.Y. Magic? You should dig what the contributing artists are up to! It’s inspiring and humbling to share pages with these guys. A lot of the artists in D.I.Y. Magic have comics out that you probably need to feast your eyes upon!┬áThe art in D.I.Y. Magic was curated by Jason Leivian who is also the man at the helm of Floating World Comics. Artists featured in D.I.Y. Magic (in order of… Read More

Today was the 21st day since I’ve made it a practice to start my day with meditation. I feel like I’ve made some progress. I’ve built up from about five minutes to going for 10 minutes. I have learned a lot from the practice, but obviously I am also now aware of what a novice I am at meditation. I plan to keep this up because while it takes just a short… Read More

Day 19 I realized the practical benefits of having a daily meditation practice today in a surprising way. I had a conflict with someone, where I thought perhaps they weren’t being totally fair. I ended up having a brief disagreement with this person: someone I respect, and afterwords realized that I had gone into the situation in the wrong way. The specifics aren’t important here. What I realized, thinking about it later… Read More

(I am taking a break from blogging about Zen meditation today to blog about Lent.) The quiet neighborhood bar where I was enjoying a nice bourbon & branch last night suddenly became over-run by drunk bro-dudes wearing plastic beads. Oh yeah, Mardi Gras. French for Fat Tuesday. Of course the origin of Fat Tuesday was that it was the day before 40 days of lean. That’s why it is traditional to go… Read More