Monthly Archives: January 2015

Day 0 I have had a meditation practice in the past. But it has been a long time since I stuck with it. One of my goals this year is to get back into meditation. But so far this year I have failed to get that habit started. There is always some excuse: I’m running late, I slept in, I’m just too busy to just sit and do nothing for ten minutes…. Read More

The “5 minute Time Machine” is a simple thought experiment that only takes a few minutes to try, but it can be inspiring and clarifying, and help you get your priorities straight. It is basically a short imaginative exercise designed to help focus on your priorities in life. And more importantly, help you figure out what those priorities are. Here is how it works. Step One Imagine you find a time machine in… Read More

What if I told you of a magic spell that could make any two people fall in love? What if there was a series of questions that you and any person could ask each other, and then you would  fall in love with each other? What if it was just that simple? What if falling in love boils down to one simple ingredient? (It’s probably not what you think.) It’s no love… Read More

 Here are the notes of something I am developing right now, a project I am calling INCANTATIONS. I just sent these notes to a writing residency I applied for, but I think if you are interested in magic (or poetry) you might also find these blueprints intriguing. Language, as the poet knows, is also intoxicating. Poetry can make one drunk. Words can elate, inspire, depress, relieve, relive, words can change our innermost… Read More