My book is up at!

Don’t get too excited, you can’t actually get one for months. I mean the book hasn’t even been physically printed yet by Penguin. But it is kind of exciting to see it up on Amazon. Here is the link:

I used to work at Amazon back in the day actually. It was a weird job, this was a decade ago in Seattle. The internet seemed much newer then. And people didn’t know how it worked. I was in tech. service. But a surprisingly large amount of the job was just customers phoning to ask me about books, yes, Amazon mostly just sold books back then. I would read them the description of the book (which they were looking at on their screens at home simultaneously) and say, “well, that sounds like a nice book” and then they would buy it.


Ah, those were the days. It was a graveyard shift. It was a job that gave me conflicting emotions. (Kind of how everybody feels about Amazon now.)  Like, it paid ok, but you definitely felt like a corporate drone. They laid us all off, during the crash, which sucked. But they also gave us all a decent sized severance package which was nice. But you got the feeling they were only doing that because it was good publicity. Not out of any compassion.

Hmm, come to think of it, as a first time author, who just got his book posted to I should probably not say anything bad about the touchy behemoth . . .  ahem. We love you Amazon. Be nice. I will be quiet now.

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