The writing on my wall


I have 3 quotes that I keep up on the walls of my work space. I thought I’d share them because, well they work for me. Taken together they work as a whole ethic for work and creativity. I would recommend anyone do this: of course you can use any quotes. No need to get fancy. It can be as simple as scrawling the quote in sharpie on a sheet of paper. Just having the idea there on the wall serves as a reminder. . . and it slowly seeps deep into your self. Here are my 3.


Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.

— Picasso

I love this because it reminds me that no matter what you have to work to accomplish what you want to do. Even if you are Picasso you have to show up every day, and roll up your sleeves (or if you’re Picasso just take your shirt off) and get started just doing the work. You have to work at it everyday, and then sure, sometimes you get lucky.


The Daimon is our destiny; who would ever set us to the hardest work not impossible.

— Yeats

The Daimon is your tutelary spirit. A good teacher knows that you must be challenged to learn beyond your comfort zone. It is that voice that pushes you further. Whatever you are afraid to tackle, maybe that is exactly the thing you should be working on.


Solvitur Ambulando

— Diogenes

This is posted over my door. It reminds me that when I get stuck it is good to leave and go take a walk.

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