Monthly Archives: October 2014

I am about to run my 1,000th mile using Nike runs. Which got me thinking about just how useful running has been for me: Not just for health but for creativity! Here is me grinning my way through a recent morning run on the Mahaulepu trail in Hawaii! OKAY, This might sound weird to you: a blog post about creativity that focuses on running . . .wha? But I think it’s funny… Read More

When you’re working long hours on a creative project music often becomes an integral part of the process. The kind of music you like to listen to is going to be different for everyone. Years ago I interviewed Chuck Palahnuik, when I asked him what he listened to while he wrote he said NIN! Without a moment’s hesitation. I tend to prefer listening to music without words for first drafts stuff. But… Read More

I have 3 quotes that I keep up on the walls of my work space. I thought I’d share them because, well they work for me. Taken together they work as a whole ethic for work and creativity. I would recommend anyone do this: of course you can use any quotes. No need to get fancy. It can be as simple as scrawling the quote in sharpie on a sheet of paper…. Read More

After a frenzied trip to the library, where it seemed I just had to throw every book I could carry into my backpack I was struck by an interesting parallel between tennis and drawing, and creative writing. I was reading “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Gallwey. Which is all about staying loose and relaxed while you play tennis. It’s a zen approach. Tennis is such a psychological game, the number one… Read More