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Quitting smoking is not easy. It sucks. There are some books out there (I won’t name names) that tell you they have an easy way to quit. Of course they sell millions of copies, but I think they are bunk. Quitting is hard. I read a book on quitting that claimed  there is no reason to smoke, that cigarettes don’t do anything for you. That’s bullshit. If that was true nobody would… Read More

Again, this isn’t really a blog post this is me working out ideas for a workshop I am doing for The Projects this weekend. You see, I think that stories happen ( I mean the way they occur to us) in a non-chronological order. At least they do for me. That is what I want to explore with this workshop, and so I’m working out some notes here. A lot of writers… Read More

This isn’t a blog post, this is me taking notes for a workshop I am planning—but please, feel free to look over my shoulder. That’s what this blog is all about. I am teaching a workshop at THE PROJECTS a really cool 4 day event in Portland OR, for comics artists. (I have said this before, but I will say it again: Now is an amazing time to be a comics artist…. Read More

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” —Aristotle I just read a book of advice for writers that had a lot of advice about how you need to make a 5 year plan, and an advance PR campaign, strategize with bullet points, and stuff like that.  Which is all fine, but for a lot of creative types it is unrealistic. We tend to be storytellers more than list makers. Here is an exercise you can… Read More

Originally posted on Anthony Alvarado:
My last post was a list of some of the habits of genius. Most of them are not that surprising, stuff like “People who think a lot tend to drink a lot of coffee.” And often my posts tend towards the esoteric ( see the 5 part series on magic from last month.) But since it’s a new year I thought I would bust out some really…