My top 10 posts of all time

Hey folks, lot’s of stuff coming up here in the next few weeks so keep an eye on this site. I recently finished and sent in my manuscript to Perigee books, so I am going to have more time now to devote to this blog, and some other cool projects coming up. I am especially excited about developing a podcast to share with you guys. (Step one, I gotta buy a bunch of microphones, cables etc.) So stay tuned! In the meantime, this little WordPress blog recently passed the 10,000 visits benchmark!  Which is pretty cool. (95% of those visits are from this past year) 10 thousand, hey that’s the population of a small town! A town you would probably want to leave as soon as you turned 18, but a town nonetheless.


In celebration of reaching the size of Big Rapids, Michigan, here are my top ten blog posts. Here are the all time posts that have been most searched for, read, and some of my personal favourites. Check out the ones you may have missed.


The 12 habits of highly creative people. 

This is basically just a list I made for my own notebooks on the things that succesful creative people tend to do.


A brief history of magic.

So this one is kind of long, woolly, and weird. The funny thing is that it’s got a lot of pics of cave man art. I get emailed about the cave art quite a bit, people want to know where and when it is from. But it is an essay on magic. So I suspect kids are researching cave art for some school project, and then if they are cribbing from my blog they are handing in some pretty weird essays to their English teachers on Magic!


Beat the common cold

Reads, like it says. Gets a lot of traffic in the Winter.


Memento Mori

I am a little bit surprised this one is as popular as it is! It is a meditation on death. But I think people are curious about these ideas, exactly because our culture tries to ignore the subject


Van Gogh on Creativity

People frigging love Van Gogh. And for good reason!



Interview with Green Anarchist: Jonathan Zerzan

An oldie but a goodie. I interviewed Zerzan who is the grandfather of Green Anarchism. Highly intelligent man, thinking along paths that few other people are willing to tread.


Picasso on Creativity

This post is kind of insanely popular. Especially considering that I just threw it together, for my own amusement in like 30 minutes. But hey,when it comes to artists Picasso is King Kong, Muhammed Ali, T-rex. The archetypal artist.



I’m happy this one is so popular. I think it shows that people are tired of a modern life that feels rootless and lacking in traditions. And that we are beginning to search for something new. I am all about that!



Self-hypnosis is cool. And it is easy. It’s time has come, and I bet you in the next 5 years there is going to be an explosion of people trying this technique out.


DIY Magic!

No big surprise the most popular search that brings people to this blog is for my book DIY Magic. The small press edition is all sold out, sadly. The good news is a new edition is coming out next year from Perigee books. I couldn’t be more excited! I just saw the new cover design and it is FUCKING GORGEOUS! (Sorry for the language there, I will put a dollar in the Swear Jar now, but it was worth it.)

Also, there are actually a whole lot of posts on this site about DIY Magic. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite, so this is simply a link to dozens of the artists who contributed illustrations. They are all amazing, check em out!

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