The book is done! Working on a film

I’m baaaack!

Jeez, I haven’t posted on this blog for like a 100 days. Actually, really, it was nice to take a break, as long-time readers probably know, I am a bit wary of technology, blogging, Facebook, etc. to some degree. I just think it is good to take a break from this crap once in a while. Because guess what, Facebeak, Twatter, and Snoopchat or whatever, aren’t going anywhere. They will still be there when you come back.

So I just sent off the manuscript for the new, bigger, better, stronger, edition of DIY Magic to my editor last week. Which means I am super happy to start working on something totally different for a change of pace!

I am working a film script called “Green Wheelbarrow”.  It’s going to be a lot of fun. Also, it’s going to be pretty short, probably 10-15 minutes, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working on a SHORT film after finishing work on a full length book. The idea of a writing project that can be finished in under a month makes me chortle with glee!

Jeremy Faulkner, who was the lead singer of Ah Holly Family has agreed to write a song for the short film, which is exciting. When I asked him to contribute a song for Green Wheelbarrow, he asked what’s the film about?

“Well it’s pretty dark frankly, it’s about infidelity, suicide, and trailer parks.”

“Awesome, I’m down.”

Here is an old video of his last band to whet your appetite. And with the book finished, I will be posting updates here more often, so check back soon!


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