Busy working on book!

Hey gang, this is just a quick note to let you know I probably won’t be posting any new content here for a few weeks. I am ramping up my work on the second edition of DIY Magic right now, so I need to be focused on that. Basically book trumps blog.

I am excited about how this second edition is shaping up. For fans of the old edition I can say it’s going to look and feel very similiar. There will be plenty of new features too however. Right now it is a question of how much new stuff can I fit, while leaving plenty of room for the artwork. I will be working with Floating World Comic’s owner, Jason Leivian the art editor of the first edition once again, and we are excited to add some more cool stuff to the mix. (Sorry Jason, this pic of you comes up on a Google of your name, so I am going to post it.)


I am hoping we might even bring some new artists on board . . .

As far as the writing goes, I can’t yet talk about what the new chapters are going to be yet because I don’t know. My philosophy with this sort of thing is to write a rough draft of every possible idea, and then just focus on the ones that look really promising. Throw a lot of stuff on the wall and see what sticks. That’s how to write nonfiction, and I think it’s also how to test for al dente pasta?


So, all of this to say that not much will likely be posted here for the rest of the month. But you have a full fledged book to look forward, coming out from Perigee Books early in 2015.

Yeah . . . 2015. Hey, goodness takes time.

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