I got a book deal!!


I just got a book deal with a fantastic publisher—Perigee Press, a division of Penguin. These are the guys that published Lord of the Flies. Lord of the freaking Flies!


(5 minute pause here)  . . . for once in my life I am speechless. I mean, this is that long awaited day, that as an aspiring writer you dream of, you imagine, and you sometimes wonder if it ever actually will come. The answer: yeah, it will come, it just takes a while . . . I was talking with a guy at the coffee shop this morning about it, that what it comes down to is—if you want to get a book published you have to put in a lot of “Butt Hours”.

Butt Hours simply mean all the hours you spend sitting on your butt, doing the work, putting in the time on whatever it is you do, whether that is writing, or music, or architecture—doesn’t matter. You just got to sit down and do it, as much as possible, every day. Frankly it’s the sit-your-butt-in-that-chair-and-work muscle that matters the most, more than talent, luck, or creativity, or anything else when it comes right down to it.

Anyhow, I am delighted that now I can go to the coffeeshop every morning, with my pencil and spiral notebook and sit down and put in my daily Butt Hours as a professional!


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