OPB radio Interview

I’m a guest this month on the very cool OPB radio show Destination DIY. The show doesn’t actually air on NPR until Saturday, October 26th. I know there is someway to embed the soundfile . . . let’s see :

I made it onto the “Daunting DIY” show. Which is funny since I spend the whole interview trying to explain why magic and reality bending is an easy, every day phenomena. My segment begins at the 30 minutes mark, although the whole show is pretty interesting and well worth checking out. I especially like the segment on the guys who are building their own homemade astronaut space suits. Wow!

It’s too bad this interview is coming out at a time when DIY Magic the book is all sold out! Jason from Floating World tells me that people have already been asking at his shop for more copies of the book. Sorry folks, guess we didn’t bake enough pies this go round. My agent is currently at work finding a publisher to do a second printing, so hopefully that goes fast and we will get more copies available ASAP!


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