Monthly Archives: October 2013

Trust yourself. It is the idea that really doesn’t seem to fit. The idea that doesn’t go along with the flow. The idea that seems too dumb, too weird, too different. That’s the one you want. That’s the one that other people will find interesting too. I think this is the great secret to creativity—you have to trust yourself enough to be really different. Sometimes uncomfortably and weirdly so. The world is full… Read More

So, as I may have mentioned here I am currently working on a YA fantasy novel. I am excited about it, it’s been a lot of fun to write, and I think it’s going to kick all kinds of ass when it’s finished. I wrote the first draft without really thinking about how it would stack up against anything else that’s out there. I wanted it to be wholly original. But now… Read More

I’m a guest this month on the very cool OPB radio show Destination DIY. The show doesn’t actually air on NPR until Saturday, October 26th. I know there is someway to embed the soundfile . . . let’s see : I made it onto the “Daunting DIY” show. Which is funny since I spend the whole interview trying to explain why magic and reality bending is an easy, every day phenomena. My… Read More