Down the road

Thanks to everybody who made it at to one of the book readings, and thanks to Floating World, The Waypost, Linntonpalooza, and Reading Frenzy for hosting. Good times. That’s it for Portland events for the foreseeable future. I’m taking a break from public speaking for awhile, phew! It gives me the jitters. But I will be out on the road later this summer: and may be coming to a West Coast town near you – Seattle, Olympia, Eugene, Vancouver BC, San Francisco etc. Possibly New York, although I was hoping I’d get laid-off from my day job to have time for that. Unfortunately, it’s now looking like I will still have a job come July . . .

I had revelation while at the excellent GRIDLORDS show at the Waypost. Four comics creators did readings of their work – August Lipp, Malachi Ward, Theo Ellsworth, Jesse Moynihan, and Maria Sputnik read their stuff . . . it was fucking great. I don’t think I can get hyperbolic enough about how great this stuff was. But here is the thing, the most impressive aspect was the breadth represented here. Comics are where it’s at folks! I’m telling you.

As a writer I have often felt frustrated with what at times feels like a dying form : literature. So it was refreshing to see creators working with a pretty dang new medium (let’s not count cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphics) and busting down the walls, expanding the parameters of the medium on a weekly basis. there is a Renaissance going on here folks!

I love jumping on band wagons as much as the next guy, so I’m working on a script for an ongoing comics series. It’s still in the blurry cocktail napkins and notes scribbled from dreams in the dark at 3 a.m. stages . . . but I can tell you that it involves Reptoids and a telepathic falcon. I’ve said too much.


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