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I think most of the online pics. of the DIY Magic cover are from a digital file, but the silver foil cover has to be seen in real life to really be appreciated. Lucky’s in Vancouver B.C. has a nice photo of the cover from real life: http://luckys.ca/blog/432/DIYMAGIC


I have been a fan of Farel Dalrymple’s art for years, so I was rabidly psyched that he did a drawing for DIY Magic. In fact maybe I’ve posted about that here before? But you gotta see this – Dalrymple is doing an ongoing webcomic over at Study Group Comics. You owe it to yourself to glance around the office, make sure no co-workers are watching, and then enjoy the stream of conscious work of art in progress that is IT WILL ALL HURT.

Webcomics are probably the biggest new story medium since . . .  I can’t even think of the last one. But they are exploding right now. My only problem with webcomics is that I get so into them, I impatiently check them over and over for new posts, but they usually post just one page a week. Internet you are too slow. That reminds me . . . I wonder if  Jesse Moynihan has posted any new Forming episodes?


Today’s post was brought to you by Fernet y Coke, the national beverage of Argentinians everywhere: