The news in brief

Congratulations to Aidan Koch – one of the contributors to DIY Magic – for making it as finalist for the Oregon book award. Exciting! OPB points out she is the youngest finalist. She was nominated in the newly dubbed category “graphic literature” for her book The Whale. Graphic literature was formerly known as “graphic novel”. I always thought that was an awkward term too.

Thanks to everybody who made it out to the Linntonpalooza. I apologize for drinking all the wine and attempting to “play” piano while mumbling incoherently on stage, instead of reading from my book. That’s what happens when I go on last folks. (Also, I should not have been belligerent towards that cop, but he was nice about it. Anyhow.)

Coming up this week – a reading at Reading Frenzy. If you only go to one of my events, this might be the one to hit folks. All kinds of shenanigans are being planned . . . yes. And I am delighted to be sharing the stage with Lily Michaud, an expert dreamer, who will also be reading. Sweet!

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