visit the menthol mountains

My favorite living singer/poet; David Berman is now blogging. Long ago I wrote the only fan letter I think I have ever written and sent it to this guy.  For some reason all I remember writing was this long and true story I had heard about Walt Disney. Apparently when Walt was a little kid he was playing under a tree and a baby owl fell out of the tree and landed on young Walt. It scared him to death, he was so startled he grabbed the owl and flung it against the trunk of the tree, hard. It died and Walt felt very remorsefull. Which is why if you watch the old Disney films that were made when he was alive there is always the theme of owls and death. Two subjects Disney was obsessed with.

Dave Berman wrote back postmarked the day after September 11th. He just enclosed a broken airline frequent flyer mile card.

Take a trip to Dave Berman’s Menthol Mountains.

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