You have chosen a word that’s not in the dictionary

While proofreading the rough draft of the novel I am working on, I have come across a boatload of words in my book that aren’t in my spellcheck. Here are a dozen of my favourites, some of them surprising.

1. glossolalia

2. androgyne

3. Meth

4. nutballs

5. Bardo

6. SpaghettiOs

7. hobosexual

8. Aryurvedic

9. metamorphosize

10. cantrip

11. synesthesia

12. Robotussin

13. sinopia

One Comment on “You have chosen a word that’s not in the dictionary

  1. Maybe you caught it already, but if not, I need to point out a few things:

    -It’s commonly spelled “Ayurvedic”, however, because this is an anglicized word for a Sanskrit concept, your spelling might also be just as correct.

    -Also, “Robitussin”, not “Robotussin”, unless you were aiming for a double-entendre’d portmanteau, like, mind-control devices hidden in over-the-counter cough medicines, or civilization’s modern dependence on high-priced pharmaceuticals.

    Speaking of portmanteus, I’m very curious to find out what strange avenues “hobosexual” will take your story into. If the rest of the items on this list are any indications, I’d say your novel is coming along very nicely.

    Always glad to help out a fellow fiction wizard.

    Keep up the Good Work!

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